Ok, I spoke to soon. The itching has commenced! So I think I will call my doc this morning. Thanks for all the encouragement and advice.

Going to try to take Joy to the Zoo tomorrow to watch the orangutangs play football (sort of). Meant to go this morning for the hedgehog thing, but ... I think we both like just chilling in the mornings when I have to work. Today's choice, painting and "The Incredibles" while I make camping reservations (yay yurts!!!! and Newport pass) and call my various doctors. And get paperwork (more and more and more) submitted for time off. This place is sooooo .... but some of the people are nice, and not hormonal. Ok, time to eat and make more phone calls ... opps, landline phone just died. Not good. Buttons no worky.... very bad. grr. midol time before i get even more loopy.


  1. yurting are you? when?
    they are so much fun...some parks you don't have to even make reservations in the off season..you just go......let me know...and the whole fam is goen?

  2. We're headed down to South Beach, near Newport. I hope I remember to take my camera. I've been wanting to do it for a while now, cheaper than a hotel, but more comfortable than regular camping =). Gotta buy a camp stove some time this week ... Yup, all of us. Josh was complaining last night of not been camping in "forever!". It's only been 3 weeks since his last Scout trip and he got sick on that one!!!

    but he says "yeah, that is EVER". *shakes head*


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