Joy is so cute! Just the way she looks, the way she talks, her little hands. Yes, I am gushing about my almost 4 yr. old daughter. WHERE DID THE TIME GO????

Today, she comes up to my room after about a 1/2 hour downstairs watching Jakers, or maybe it was DragonTales. Anyways, she comes up (with her trains) and says she wants to spend time with me. She gets her train set up, with Thomas in front and then says "I'm going to get the big box" and comes back with her case of tracks. She spends about 10 minutes telling me she is going to build a circle track, but then discovers all the shapes and letters related to a circle. She showed me one and I told her it was a 1/2 circle. She then proceeded to show me a "J" ("Look Mother! A J") and a "C" and then another 1/2 circle, and then turned it on it's ends and showed me a rainbow.

I love seeing her learn. It's so cool!


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