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WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!  Joy’s first week away from me, it was weird for both of us I think. Ok, actually second, but last week Tim played Mr. Mom since she was sick. I thought a closing shift would be fun, not practically murder (on my feet). And I never close with the same people. I have closed 6 days in a row counting tomorrow. Oh yeah, I get to work tomorrow (today) instead of having it off. And then work on Monday, Wed-Saturday. At least it’s already approved OT. I need to get certified so I can start making commission. This week would have been a good week for it, especially yesterday. I made more than some of the cashiers who have been there for a while. That was cool. And got some kudos from a few of them. That felt better. Some of my co-workers are really nice and some of them show their age. Most of the cashiers are under 25. Quite a few are under 21. At least a few of them thought I was around 21-25. That felt good too, especially since listening to them I remember (sort of) of what it was like to have the energy to go clubbing after working 8-10 hours. Though being surrounded by all the raging hormones is a little distracting. You can practically smell them. And there is this one girl I want to take aside and say “Chill, you are soooo acting like a desperate slut. Let the guys come to you instead of hanging on them when they show minimal interest”. Most companies I have worked at have very strict sexual harassment policies, but I don’t see any of that in evidence at this place. Some of the cashiers are quite friendly with the supervisors too, pet names and such, though I think for most of them it’s all good-natured. You have to be good-natured for this job.

The sucky part. I’ve seen Tim this week because he waits up for me and we try to do a Bible study before passing out. Right now we are using the NIV 3 Track Reading Plan to cover some basics that we have forgotten (or never learned, or never absorbed, you get the picture). You might have read that Tim is doing his own study in Ephesians, but because of some of my own stumbling blocks, I am not that ambitious. I digress, Tim waits up for me, Joy gets me for about 3 hours in the morning and I have seen Josh for about a  ½ hour this whole week! This schedule was supposed to give me time with my family, and yet with the commute and the late nights, I hardly see them at all. Not to mention slacking on my matronly/wifely/motherly type duties. Tim’s been real good about it all though. Laundry is done, the house is clean and the kids fed, and he even went grocery shopping for some of the essentials that we had run out of. It’s been a long two weeks.  Why did I want to go back to work?

And did I mention that Tim is a better wife than I am? I'm just the better cook :)


  1. LOL... you must not have read my post very carefully. I didn't WANT to keep peeling potatoes, but I did. I don't think that counts a servant heart, just... yeah. Something.

    The Cheese

  2. Yeah, well, a lot of people lately have been telling me to do what is right even if I don't feel like it. You know "obedience is better than sacrifice". Still, easier said than done some days.

  3. Yes, you're definately the better cook. I can't even begin to compete in that department, being limited to boxed foods that have easy to follow directions requiring minimum ingredient mixing :)

    Alas, I must also admit that I am most definately not the better wife. For one thing, I am totally unequipped to be a wife. Unless something drastic happened between last night's shower and now, I'm male. Besides, you have all the qualities of a great wife - charm, glamor, patience, humor, wit, intelligence, wisdom, beauty, the list goes on :).



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