Work sucks @$$

Ok. This is a vent. My workplace is so fricking disorganized, it makes *my* mind boggle. There are so many hoops to jump through, and some I can understand, and some I can't.

Like the dress code. The week I was hired it was (for the ladies) white top and dark pants with shineable shoes, (half the girls still wear boots or suede or some other material that isn't "shineable"), a professional looking dress, or a pants suit. Then, because people were abusing the dress code (throwing a plain white t-shirt over say, a bright red one), Those On High decided to change the dress code and gave employees about 3 days to come into compliance. New dress code, white blouse (as defined by button-up and collared) with pants (not just dark pants, any pants), dress, or suit. So, I ran out of white shirts (now remember, I have been a SAHM for the last 4 years and don't have a lot of "professional" clothing, and when I went shopping for my first week, I bought lots of white tops/sweaters, but only two blouses). I did however have some suit pants (the jacket is too tight so I didn't wear it), show up to work in shades of blue. Told to go home and change or go buy a white blouse at Target. I was a little steamed, a LOT steamed, and really tempted to just go home and blow this joint. And Audioblogger wouldn't work to let me post ... I digress ... so anyway, I spend about an hour at Boutique Target because the one in Wilsonville DOESN'T HAVE ANY WHITE BLOUSES! I almost bought a skirt, tights, and another blouse to change into when I had a lightbulb moment and went into the men's section. They were also incredibly low on affordable (remember this is a min. wage job) white dress shirts. HELLO! Don't men still wear white dress shirts? But I was able to find some on sale (yay!) and grabbed two. Changed in the car and then went back to work and tried to put on a happy face. When I clocked back in from shopping it had me clocked in (I know I clocked out, so my time card is going to be all screwy) so I had to have a supervisor change that so I could clock in again. But hey, if they don't mind me shopping on company time, so be it :)

The other vent is from this morning. I woke up with a sore throat and last night had a really funny allergic reaction to some antibiotics I am on. I started itching at work and thought it was dry skin, but by the time I got home I was itching so bad I wanted OUT of my skin. I put lotion on EVERYWHERE and it didn't help. Till we looked at the little sheet of "warnings" the pharmacist gives out ... and rare but considered serious (serious to deadly) reactions was ... you guessed it! Itching!!! I was nearly out of my mind, called the pharmacist (Tim did) and it was ok to take Benadryl. I took two. Still took almost an hour before the urge to scratch my skin off subsided. And no, Bendryl does NOT make me sleepy. I'm weird that way.

So back to this morning: Tim was even surprised that I couldn't talk above a whisper. So ... I ask Tim to talk to the DSC (Department Supervisor in Charge) and let them know that 1) I had an allergic reaction to my meds, and 2)can't talk so won't be in today. Whoever answered used a condescending tone of voice and told him that I had to BRING IN A DOCTOR'S NOTE!!!! Hello!!!! I am almost 30!!!! I haven't had to bring a doctor's note since HIGH SCHOOL, though most of the employees are just out of HS .... *groan*clutch head* Even Tim was offended at the idea and the tone of voice. I should have just been a no show. Less ..... stupidity from those in charge that way. Try to be a good employee and get treated like a child. Aiya!!!!