Work is good! Transferable skills better!

The interview wasn't a prank!! Sort of first-come, first-served, but for lots of positions. They called me in to be a cashier. There was another guy there that they called in to be a cashier (Customer Service Associate) and he got bumped up to Sales Associate. The first interviewer liked me so much and gave me my choice of sales or cashier, I opted for cashier since I said I was mainly interested in PT to get back into the swing of things. Her manager wasn't sure he wanted me, especially seeing that I was "over-qualified" for the position (his words, not mine) and asked if it would be a problem for me to work FT. But he took into account that his day-to-day manager seemed to really want me, so he ok'd it. Then I had a third and final interview that was mainly formalities, the Assistant Store Manager gave me an overview of how I could move up in the company, asked if all my questions had been answered and told me that training starts next Monday! WOOHOO!


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