The Splintered Mind by Douglas Cootey: AD/HD: Speaking without Thinking

I can so totally relate to this!!!! the intense need to get something said, because, yeah, it does go away. Not trying to be rude, but people who know me can totally agree that I lose thoughts faster than you can say "jack-rabbit". And sometimes they are really lucid thoughts!!!!!
It seems there are three driving forces behind foot-in-mouth disease. One is general cluelessness—a complete lack of awareness or sensitivity to the ebb and flow of conversation around us. Another is a fear that the idea will be forgotten in as quick an instant as it was born if it is not blurted out or jotted down at that moment. The third is simple selfishness. We share this in common with everybody from time to time, but the first two forces are usually the culprits for the AD/HD mind. Both betray a complete lack of control over impulses. Both are born of intensity. The thought is delivered to the mouth with the pressure of a fireman's hose and spoken at such velocity that all those in the room had better duck for cover or be bowled over. Things usually get awkward after that.