Sleep is good mmmkay

Last night I got some of the BEST sleep I have gotten in a LOOOOONG time. I got home about 11PM, after getting off work about 10:30 PM (yay! no traffic) and my poor body was sore, and I was tired, but not grumpy. Tim had drawn me a bath, so I got in that lickety-split after taking a Tylenol PM, something I had never tried before. But hey, I was in pain, and I wanted to get more than 4 hours of sleep. I slept through the alarm!!! Not usually a big deal, but my alarm gives me a headache if I don't turn it off or hit snooze in the first 30 seconds. And I had trouble waking up in general, but it was good. Tim gave me another wake-up call at 9AM and Joy woke up about 45 minutes later. She slept almost 12 hours. I feel well-rested.

Garbage Detail
So, I was so tired yesterday because I did more garbage hauling than I have done in my life! Apparently the Customer Service department does most of the nightly clean-up for the store. It took me over an hour to do the safety sweep and clean out all the garbages. My totals didn't even amount to $1000 yesterday. But my main complaint is that if we are supposed to do garbage detail, can they tell us in advance so we can dress appropiately? I was supposed to go back on the register after doing garbage compacting and baling cardboard. And oh yeah, some genius decided to fill a cardboard box with gravel, so I had to find a shovel and shovel it into the trash compactor. I was so glad I didn't wear my contacts yesterday. There was dust everywhere!!!! After I finished in the back, washed my hands throughly (they need more gloves!) Checked back in and then went to lunch/dinner. I got back to the registers and rang up customers (my coolest and nicest one shared the name of a famous suspense/horror author) for about an hour before doing the safety sweep. My poor feet and back. Some days I swear you do need work boots. Some of those garbage bags were damn heavy. And of course, I eneded up being the last one to pull my till :(

Well, time to get ready for another day of grunt-work.


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