January 4, 2006
After living in OR for almost 7 years I am finally setting up an appointment to get diagnosed (or not) for SAD. I think I tried one year, but because I wasn't too depressed my doc didn't want to give me that diagnosis. But anyone who has known me since before I moved here, to see me now, would definitely say that something was wrong. November was good because there were plenty of nice, sunny, brisk fall-like days. This month (well, December and now January) are about to drive me bonkers. Having the daycare through last winter was actually good because I was forced to get out of bed and work. But this year ... no job for the last month, no motivation to get much done and darnit, "pajammie days" sound awfully good. So on Friday I get to go to a new doctor and hopefully get something. Right now ALL the lights are on in my house, the curtains are open, and still wish there was some way to get more light into the house. My dd does not seem affected at all. We've already had breakfast, played a little Leappad, and now she's going through the movie collection looking for something to watch. Ah, Clone Wars it is. "Cartoon Star Wars". I wonder if Tim would mind if I got her Ewok Adventures....


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