Random Health Problems (update)

Well, for any and all who might be interested (skip this one if you aren’t). I am up to 3 Benadryl about every 4-6 hours and am now waking up with hives. It’s bizarre. And a little worrisome. I have never in my life had an allergic reaction to anything. I mean, I’m allergic to cherry tree blossoms now, but I have never had any allergies to anything ingestible. I can eat just about anything (pork notwithstanding, but I think that’s it).

So, this morning I wake up and my palms are itching. And anyone who has ever had itchy palms for any reason knows how annoying that is, because you can’t really scratch your palms. Then my shoulder started itching. I looked at it, to see if it was red, it was and it also looked like one of the WORST mosquito bites I have ever had. And I am pretty sure that we don’t have mosquitoes in the house, let alone in my bedroom. And now my ears are burning, which prompted me to take 3 Benadryl a few minutes ago. I was hoping that I wouldn’t need any today. But my ears started itching, then they turn bright red (and bright red on me is very red indeed), and my inner arm and a few other places. I don’t have enough hands to keep up with all the places that are just crying out to be scratched. Not to mention that scratching just makes the area redder. As it is, I have had to stop wearing my watch and the ring that goes on my right hand because of the irritation. My left hand, well, the palm itches a little, but so far my ring finger has been spared. It’s kinda cool (gross, amazing) to watch my skin erupt in all these little (large) bumps and welts. But then the itching gets to me again. Benadryl is my friend …   though I guess I should start popping an Allegra in the morning. One of my docs suggested that, and Bendryl at night.

Oh yeah, the other random thing. I didn’t even have a UTI!! So I shouldn’t have been on antibiotics in the first place!!! But there are some other things that showed up in a subsequent test, so now my OB/GYN has referred me to a urologist. He thinks that I need to have my kidneys checked out. I guess I will make that appointment tomororow.

Supposed to take Joy shopping for clothes today, but she would rather goof off. I told her we aren’t leaving till she changes (she dressed herself, but is still wearing a wet pullup rather than putting on underwear) … so, I think I have a ton of housework to catch up on. In fact, I KNOW I have a ton or three to catch up on.