Official Google Blog: A year of Google blogging

12/30/2005 05:18:00 PM
Posted by Karen Wickre, Google Blog team

This is the 201st post to be published on the Google Blog in 2005. In closing out the first full year of our company-wide effort to share news and views, we thought you might be interested in a few factoids. Since we've had Google Analytics running on this blog since June, some of these numbers reflect only half a year. In that time, 4.3 million unique visitors have generated 8.7 million pageviews. Readers have come from all over the world, not just English-speaking countries: 53,001 visitors from Turkey have stopped by, for example; so have 155,691 from France, 29,614 from Thailand and 8,233 from Peru.

The most popular posts? Here are a few that have yielded scores of linkbacks:

- Our explanation of 'Googlebombing'
- A celebration of email and Gmail -
Google Earth's partnership with National Geographic about Africa " [more on the Google Blog]


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