Lying & Cheating [x-post]

Lying Cheating little ….

Sigh why do they pick up on our bad habits? Josh has, until recently, been a fairly honest kid. But in the last two weeks we have caught him in at least two huge instances of lying. First, he lied about his age to get onto MySpace (at the suggestions of one of the girls from youth group!!!!) and also NeoPets (I didn’t know that one had an age restriction, bad mommy) and then he was caught cheating on an assignment at school. He got detention for that one. I still think it should have been lunch recess instead of morning, but I digress.

Did our conversation last night get through his thick skull? I let Tim lead so that I wouldn’t rip into him. But man, how much has he learned from me? Right now he blames peer pressure for both the cheating and the MySpace fiasco. We had to explain that COPPA was in place for a reason and that if he had asked first we probably would have let him get an account. Most sites have a “if you are under 13 you need parental permission” and MySpace’s minimum age allowed is 14. Though, I think there are other communites out there that cater to the tween crowd.  MySpace has a “hook-up” section and you can look for just about any kind of person and orientation … a bit worrisome, but anyways.

AND HE KNOWS CHEATING IS WRONG!!! He came home looking sick about it. But yeah, never takes responsibility for his actions. He takes the punishment without blinking (in this case, no more internet access for an undetermined time) but almost never says “I’m sorry I did this. I won’t do it again. I know what I did was wrong.”  Ok, so maybe he did learn that from me cry.

The kids have chosen Beauty & The Beast as this morning’s movie. I really should get in the shower.