Jobs, Joy, and other stuff

In case some of you actually saw Joy on the webcam, she’s been sick all week and Tim has been an absolute DOLL by staying home and taking care of her so I can get my new- hire training done. I did miss one morning and this afternoon, but my supervisor understood. I mean, I told her the truth, my husband NEEDS to go into work. He can telecommute when he needs to, but he does need to get in for a bit. He’ll probably be working late, but that’s ok. Probably working this weekend too … ah shizz, I need a sitter. He wants to take me out as a celebration for getting a job (  (aside, I am going NUTS without chat this afternoon. I have no desire to clean house and boy does it need it! I have a raging headache. Been getting one every afternoon. I think it’s the WB (not the channel, the med.)

ANYWAYS!!!! Joy and I are just hanging watching Little House on the Prairie and PBS Kids. Lots of cuddling and hugging, and nose-wiping. Josh has a sleep-over tonight and went there right after school, so that helped. I wonder if I can get another snooze in …..

Please pray that Joy gets better, she’s been sick since Monday night, and this thing only had Josh down for 4 days. She’s had a fever off and on the whole time ( and that I don’t get sick. I get to work on Monday. I have the WEIRDEST schedule. I have Sundays and Tuesdays off. Well, at least this coming week. I was told that your schedule is usually set with very few changes. Our family schedule is going nuts, but if my work schedule doesn’t fluctuate too much, we should be able to work things out. Oh yeah, I have a afternoon/closing shift, so I get mornings with Joy. YAY! The manager was a tad upset when I changed my availability hours from what I had on my application, but gave me the schedule I want. And from this week, even though I like the morning customers, once I am certified, I will make more money (read commission) from afternoon and evening customers. There’s more of them than in the morning. I wanted the later hours so I wouldn’t have to deal with the commute, takes just over 30 minutes with no traffic and almost 1.5 hours with morning traffic. I hate traffic. It gives me a headache. And I am already taking Bayer to deal with the WB headache. Though the other day when I took Aleve before the WB and my morning headache wasn’t so bad. But I don’t want to be taking pain killers everyday. My liver and tummy might start to get mad at me. When I was in high school, one of my friends used this Chinese balm on my temples and my headache went right away. I need to find some of that stuff. Love stuff that I don’t have to ingest and works practically immediately. Like magic (  (gab gab gab gab someone talk to me!!!!!)  Oh yeah, a job is a good thing. A job OUTSIDE the home, with adults. Long hours, long commute, but no need to search out people to talk to. I get my fill. Sigh. Missing some of my friends though. Y’all give me a shout out and let me know how you are doing!!!!