I am either becoming slightly insomniac, or the WB is really screwing up my sleep cycle. Last night I woke up at 4 am and could NOT go back to sleep. And my mind was going a mile a minute about all sorts of topics, things that need to be thought about and things better left alone till I am more … sure of myself, more protected, more something. Joy’s cough finally woke her up around 4:50 AM, so I gave her some more cough medicine with codeine (good stuff that!) but it doesn’t knock her out. So we were awake till like 5:30 when she quietly, finally fell asleep. I was awake till about 6. And her fever was back. So I decided to let the fever ride out and just use cold cloths and see how she was in a few hours. I think the uninterrupted sleep helped. She woke with nary a fever and her cheeks are white again. YAY! Hopefully this is a full breaking of the fever. 7 days is quite worrisome. Tim and I are doing the split-shift parenting thing today since Josh also feels icky and it’s MLK Day so no school and no daycare. He’s at work right now till about noon, then it will be my turn to go to work, from 1:30 to 10:15 PM. I hope the lack of sleep doesn’t affect me too much. But, back to the kids. They have been sick for going on almost two weeks now. I will be so glad when they are better. And me too, I think being coughed on constantly in the last two days has given me whatever Joy has. Sore throat and ears. Here’s to Airborne.

Ok, I’m just babbling, and you think I could get out all those interesting and captivating thoughts that I had in the middle of the night, but right now I can just remember the mood they created, frustrated and uneasy and torn.

Time to take meds, shower and entertain kids.