Here comes the rain again

Looks like I might get to experience a flood in OR after all. Or maybe not. Record rainfall since Dec. 18th and the Tualatin River has risen in enough places to cause roads to close and make the news. I’m up fairly early on a Saturday morning for me. I think it’s the WB. I woke up and had no desire to go back to sleep. And the dreary morning doesn’t bother me so much. I came downstairs, opened the curtains, and started flipping channels. I really want some coffee though. Before I knew the effects of WB + caffeine, I bought a Costco sized General Foods International Coffee for work. And Tim got me a Coffee People card. (I like them a lot better than Starbuck’s).

I really wanted to enjoy the idea of just chilling this morning and not being rushed. Watch a little news, drink my coffee, have some breakfast, then get to the chores. And there are a lot. Tim THANKFULLY cleaned the living room. Joy can trash a room thoroughly if you don’t keep an eye on her. The kitchen isn’t so bad, but definitely needs a mopping. The Christmas tree and decorations need to come down. And a lot of trash and recyclables need to get taken out of the house. And stuff to take to Goodwill. I was going to try to sell some of Joy’s clothes on eBay, but don’t have the time to catalog them, picture them, and put them up for sale.  I might still sell some of the big stuff though. We need the income. Ugh, I have never worked for minimum wage, and here I am, almost 30, …. Gotta get my resume updated. I went looking through open rec’s at Intel and there’s at least one job that I am qualified for. Tim gave me feedback. One job that looked really cool though is a Grade 6. If I got that I would make more than Tim, so it’s not likely that I am qualified for it at all.

Ok, enough babbling. I feel like a brook, and I don’t think I talked about the things I really wanted to talk about. “Focus, focus, FOCUS!!!!” Besides, Joy is up. Now that girl DEFINITELY has a princess complex or something. Came down,  I was watching TV (and typing) and she went right over to the DVDs, got Bambi, moved the computer chair, loaded it into the DVD player and proceeded to start it. All without asking permission. I was mostly in shock. Gotta work on that girl’s manners. I could have sworn that they used to be better …. I want coffee!!!! Maybe I’ll make it with milk and just a little coffee, and I’ll eat too. Food oughtta help ….

Music: 1. Here Comes The Rain Again - Eurythmics