Good morning!

Well, good morning again. This is so weird for me. After 6, almost 7 years of hardly being able to wake up in this state, I find myself awake and alert, before the rest of my family. And it is soooo weird to be before the kids. I mean, what I am supposed to do? They are usually waking me up with demands for breakfast. I guess I can actually get dressed and finish the laundry I started last night. I actually got my work pants out of the dryer before they wrinkled. And hung them up!!! Yes, getting the clothes out of the dryer and putting them away where they belong is a REAL challenge for me. I can sort, treat, wash, and dry. But for some reason, getting them out of the dryer and putting them away is the real challenge. And it’s not just my laundry either. It’s mine, Joy’s, the linens and towels, whatever I may be washing. Tim started doing his own laundry and I started having Josh do his about a 1 ½ ago. He’s still getting the hang of it. Especially getting his clothes out of the dryer. He seems to like getting dressed out of the dryer each morning …. Go figure :)

Ok, this is bizarre. I can’t seem to focus on writing, I keep clicking on things in IE to go surf and go look at. And I was really moody last night. That’s what I meant to write about. Maybe it was the full moon. Sometimes I really do act like a lunatic.

Well, now it’s a quarter to 9 and I have wasted a good 30 minutes surfing, procrastinating and writing. Time to get dressed. Church in 1.5 hours. Man, I really miss my friends :(