Good morning

Well, today is going to be busy. I woke up a little late, but have MC this afternoon and a job interview. Part of me wonders if the interview might be a prank because the company has been so relaxed. They asked if I could come in between 1 and 3 PM. Is it a group interview? A first come, first served interview?  Oh well, I don’t mind too much. I’ve been job-hunting since October and this is my first interview!!! And it’s at one of my favorite stores. My son is looking forward to the employee discount if I get hired. Tim also pointed out that benefit. BTW, what are you supposed to take on an interview? I didn’t include my resume when I mailed my application because my applicable skills are about 8 years out of date, though I think that customer service is a HUGE part of running a daycare.

Well, most people are up and functioning, not to mention dressed and have done something progressive by this hour, so I might as well too. So hard to believe that it’s after 9 AM.

“Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun hiding behind the tree, … please shine down on me”. -- I need to remember how to embed things… (or just steal code :) )

Just press play to hear the song. or I could have it auto start....


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