I now work for a company that requires you to call in at least 2 hours before your scheduled shift if you are not going to make it. Well, Tim has an appointment this morning and Joy has the flu. Last night we knew and were kinda hoping she just had a 24-hour bug that would be gone by this morning. No such luck, her fever was at least 103F at 5:30 this morning (she didn't let the thermometer stay in her mouth the full time) ... but anyways, I called at 5:30 to leave a message. No messaging system. I have gotten there at 7:30 in the morning and there have been PLENTY of people there. I started calling at 7:30. No one answered the phone. I call every few minutes until 8:00 when someone FINALLY answers the phone. I ask to speak to my manager. "She's in a meeting" (thought bubble, I know, I am supposed to be in that meeting). Leave a message that will hopefully get to her before lunch. *sigh* I'm missing out on how to detect check fraud and a scavenger hunt. I was actually looking forward to the scavenger hunt. A little fun and game between various trainings.

When I go in today I am going to ask if there is a number for associates on the morning shift to call when they are going to be late or not make it in, because for a company to REQUIRE you to call and talk to a person at LEAST TWO HOURS before your scheduled shift ... grr.

Though I guess I could have called last night. So much for wishful thinking.