Free Quick, Cryptic, & Themed Online Crossword Puzzles

Free Quick, Cryptic, & Themed Online Crossword Puzzles: "Here at Puzzlers Cave you will find a never-ending supply of free crosswords for you to play all supplied by our members. All the basic features are completely free and require no subscription. And remember whilst you're here, you don't just have to play crosswords, you can also create them. Using the free Puzzlers Cave Crossword Compiler, which you can download here, you can quickly and simply create your own crosswords and upload them so that the community can play them too. Click here to see a tutorial demonstration of the Crossword Compiler and see how easy it is to create crosswords."
I just added this to my google homepage and had a lot of fun doing one. There were some that I had a lot of trouble with, but thank goodness there are sites that have info. And a few I just needed a few letters to figure out which word to use. I haven't done a crossword in forever. I'll probably spend more free time doing them.