Tonight is a night where I wish fantasy and witchcraft were real. That time-travel was real. That I could twitch my nose and make things out to everyone's satisfaction. Or even better yet, freeze time in one area, fix things in another, and then go back to the frozen time. But that only happens in TVLand. Unfortunaly for me, I live in the real world. Consequences suck. Actually, what sucks is that I recently seem to have lost the ability to see consequences before they happen. Or how my actions and words affect other people. But then, I guess it helps to actually know a person on multiple levels so that you can see how a thoughtless word or deed might affect them.

I don't try to be thoughtless, in fact, I try to consider things before I say or do anything, but that seems to make me even more thoughtless. Does that make any sense? Actually, my words and deeds aren't always thoughtless, but because they hurt the feelings of another person, they are deemed thoughtless, careless, and hurtful. And doing it on purpose. But I'm not. I'm beginning to see the value in speaking as little as possible. But that also leads to misunderstandings. Can't win for losing.