$25 popsicle

Yes, I know it's late, but suddenly I can't sleep. Joy has had a fever hovering near 103 when not being taken out by Tylenol since late Monday night. Tim hasn't really been able to go into work because Josh was sick on Monday and Joy has been *really* sick since Tuesday morning, and I have this frigging training. *Guilt*

Well, my dd has not pee'd since like 3:30AM yesterday, so the advice nurse wanted me to take Joy to the ER to get some fluids into her. The doc said she was definitely dehydrated, but not enough to require an IV. Unless, of course, I really wanted her to have one. So he says "You have to drink this juice unless you want a shot." No child in her right mind *wants* a shot! So we start drinking the juice, and watching Beauty and the Beast. And then another nurse offers her a popsicle. Oh yeah, Joy also got a strep test, thankfully negative. But as the nurse comes to discharge us, she looks at Joy, throws up her hands and exclaims "I forgot your popsicle!". So she get the treat and we watch more B&B as Joy contentedly and happily sucks on the wonderful coolness of a popsicle. Daddy gets to go to the store tomorrow to get more and some Motrin. They want her alternating Motrin and Tylenol every three hours to control the fever.

Ok, my Airborne is done. I have to be at work by 8. blegh. 1 hour commute. I get 3.5 hours of sleep tonight.


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