Weird Conversations

I got bored and went into a Yahoo! chat room:
disciplineh41a: hi * are u a single mom?
annettesargent: no, just a bored SAHM
disciplineh41a: what is it a SAHM
*** Auto-response sent to disciplineh41a: Crying babies, cranky kids, dirty diapers oh my
annettesargent: stay at home mom
disciplineh41a: ok
disciplineh41a: I've 2 boys
disciplineh41a: u?
annettesargent: one boy, o e girl
disciplineh41a: cool
[snip identifying stuff]
annettesargent: double trouble :)
disciplineh41a: lol
disciplineh41a: do u believe in discipline?
annettesargent: yes, or do you mean corporal punishment
disciplineh41a: I mean spanking
annettesargent: for the kids or the adults? ;)
disciplineh41a: are we in parenting or in kinky adults?
[Thursday;03:24 PM] annettesargent: we are in parenting :)
[Thursday;03:24 PM] annettesargent: I happen to be both sometimes
[Thursday;03:27 PM] annettesargent: did I scare you?
[Thursday;03:27 PM] disciplineh41a: yes


  1. Oh, don't even get me started. God *knows* a certain brat deserves a spanking...


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