Man, oh man. I am getting nothing but grief from my diehard Blazer fan hubby. The CLIPPERS (who you might ask? the other LA team) is #1 in the Pacific and the Lakers lost yet another game to the Spurs. *sob* Though the 76ers spanked the Blazers but good last night.

I think I need to start actually watching my team. They are obviously sucking dirt (bench Kobe!!!) without my support. I mean, the Clippers are first and Golden State (another team that you may ask "who??") is second. Even the Kings are ahead of the Lakers. What's wrong with this picture?????? ALL of the California teams are ahead of the Lakers. Even Phoenix is. Good thing Nevada doesn't have an NBA team. They'd probably be ahead of us too :( So, since I have no time to watch the shows that I do like, who wants to tape highlights of the Lakers games for me? :) Just kidding. Won't help them if I watch after the fact.

Spurs slow down Kobe, beat Lakers 90-84 - Wednesday November 30, 2005 12:02AM:

"The win was the Spurs' sixth straight over the Lakers, who played their first game in San Antonio under coach Phil Jackson since a victory over the Spurs in Game 5 of the 2004 Western Conference semifinals on a last-second basket by Derek Fisher.

Kobe Bryant, averaging better than 40 points in his last five games, struggled to get open shots while being defended by Bruce Bowen. Bryant finished with 25 points, but he made only nine of his 33 attempts."[snip]