I'm sweating, my hair is sweating, i'm starving, and I think I am going to develop a love-hate relationship with the elliptical machine. My goal this morning was to go in for 30-45 minutes of *walking* on the treadmill. Almost 3 weeks ago I was supposed to have my first workout with a trainer, but between cramps, back pain and sick kids, I haven't been able to make it in. I saw my trainer this morning and waited around to make an appointment. Nope says he, "I've got time, my 9:00 is a no-show" so, we worked on back and biceps. I am such a wimp. For the hammercurl, he just used his own body as resistance for me .... er, he held my hands and I did the curls, oh nevermind! But anyways, towards the end he could totally tell that all my strength is in my right hand/arm. The back workout was pretty easy, but I think he was keeping it that way to avoid injury and just get the muscles used to working.

Then we went upstairs for cardio. He was so enthusiastic when I told him I could probably do 25-30 minutes. Now, I have *only* ever done bike and treadmill. After ten minutes on the elliptical I felt something warm drip from my face, and then more of it, till I had a creek, then a small river of ... SWEAT! Not even sex makes me sweat as much as that machine did. And I wasn't even going that fast!!!!! At least I don't think I was. I kept telling myself "15 more minutes, 10 more minutes, 7 more minutes" and of course I left my Zen downstairs in a locker while we did the first part of the workout, so I couldn't zone out and just let my body do its thing ..... So now I need to take another shower, and I am still starving!!!