deep sigh

So, I think I am going to take my friend's advice and run like hell. Satan tried to seduce me, did quite well, broke 3 lives in the process, and since that didn't work out quite the way he wanted, he's pulling out all the big guns and firing at once. I want to be amused, but I am also scared. Despite what's happened, I am still tempted. But there is no way, why I, in my right mind, that I should be. I am only human, but I consider myself to be a fairly bright human, and the fact that I recognize what is happening ....

Details: I love to chat, always have. So, as soon as I was excised, a local guy started putting out more obvious feelers. Before this I thought he was nice enough and just bored during the day since our conversations were,honestly, innocent. So now .... it's not and he has made his intentions clear. And, today, whoa! a blast from the past! the first attack on my marriage. At least that is what I recognize it as now. At the time it was just a flirtatious misadventure. I just need to remember that I have standards and that I am NOT Kaylee.

I'd really like to see the future and see what is sooo important that it requires all guns blazing. Pray and pray and pray some more. Gee whiz, how attention starved am I? At least mi corazon was safe, made me feel, ... not on edge.