- It's official: 2005 hurricanes blew records away - Nov 29, 2005

November 29, 2005
Here's one for the history books ....
"Including Epsilon, there were 26 named storms this year, surpassing the record of 21 set in 1933. Thirteen of the storms were hurricanes, edging by one the previous record set in 1969. Seven of the hurricanes were considered major.

The normal seasonal average is 10 named storms, six hurricanes, and two major hurricanes, according to the National Hurricane Center.
Three of the hurricanes in the 2005 season reached Category 5 status, meaning they had wind speeds greater than 155 mph at some point during the arc of the storm.

'We've had two Category 5 storms in several seasons, but we've never had three,' said Steve Kiser, a tropical cyclone program manger at the National Weather Service. "


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