Right on my arse

Last night was my first volleyball game of the season. I don't think I've played since HS P.E. (around 10th grade, about 15 years ago). Though the memory that kept coming back was *elementary* school when I first learned how to play. And setting was never stressed in those times. Just hitting the ball and getting it over the net in 3 hits or less. So, needless to say, this year I am the worst player on the team. Though there is one *super* competitive gal that instead of directing me would get in my way the few times I was able to get to the ball. And I avoid crashes more than diving (knee pads should be required!)

At the end I told our coach (who happens to be one of my daycare moms who convinced me to play) that I need work. Her words of encouragement, "Don't worry about it. Last year we had a girl who started out way worse than you and by the end of the season was better than the rest of us". The tone was was made it seem like encouragement :) I asked why she wasn't playing this year; she's pregnant. And seeing one of the hits one of the other ladies on our team took, I can see why she's not playing. Not to mention I took a spike right to the forehead. I think I am gonna wear contacts to the rest of my games. Glasses are too darn expensive to replace these days.

Ok, the arse part. I hit the ball, trying to save it, I took a step back and I swear the floor wasn't there. Have you ever fallen on your butt in slow motion? That's what it felt like, I swear. I think I was just really confused that the floor was not where I thought I had left it. When I told Tim, he said, "I would have paid money to see that" (thanks hun!)

Next game is this Thursday, I think I need knee pads and to take some Aleve or Advil *before* the game.

And there's my timer. I wonder how much I can clean in 15 minutes?

Standings are posted here. Our team is DV8. When I last checked it hadn't been updated with last night's scores.


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