Oo de laley!

Or however you spell it. Watching Disney's Robin Hood.

WHAT A MORNING!!!! It's been busy, hectic, and time has raced by. And wouldn't you know it, both kidlets that I have today fell asleep ten minutes before lunch was ready. Ah well, blessed are the flexible. We'll just have it after they wake up. Gave me a chance to properly clean the table. I really want to vacuum, but one of the babes is a light sleeper. The other sleeps like the dead, just like her father.

the quiet is blissful. I'm only giving myself a 15-minute break before I go back to cleaning. These two can wreck a house before you can spell "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" (gee, I hope I spelled THAT right).

Off to check email and take a few more deep breaths.