Either I am sick, exhausted, or depressed, or a little of all three It's just past 9AM on a beautiful sunny morning and my daughter had to get me up. She had already made her way downstairs, gotten herself a bowl of Cheerios and poured the milk on them (from a full gallon no less!) before she decided that she wanted my company. And she's been talking nonstop since. Oh yeah, a full gallon of milk "is not so heavy, see Mommy" -- as she takes it off the table and puts it back in the fridge.

Oh goodness ... "Mom, I'm ready to get dressed. After I get dressed can we go to the park, the one in our neighborhood?" -- Yes, she has to differentiate because there are about 3 different parks that we go to. I really should get dressed and take things to Before and After, a local consignment store. I want to ask the lady if I can display my Discovery Toys catalog and a few cards. Not to mention get store credit for some of Joy and Josh's clothes. I need a JOB!!!! I think that's it. I only have one dck and it's not bringing in nearly enough to pay bills. Though I doubt that I could jump into a job paying $16+ an hour these days. Well, I have to get dressed, get job applications filled out, and take my daughter to the park. She's being incredibly patient with me this morning.

Mood: kicking and screaming -- I don't wanna get out of bed!!!!!