deviantART: The Dwellers of the Red Forest by *kerembeyit

This is my latest piece that I've made for The Catalogue Of Fantastic Literature by Phoenix Publishing.
There's a short story in the it which is written by S. Erdem Türközü. The illustration is about that story.

The story is about a clumsy dragon who likes to read a lot but always gets so excited in the end of the stories and accidently burns the books. "What on earth a dragon likes to read about?" you may ask..Well, he usually reads about his profession which are:
"A Guide to Avoid Stubborn Knights", "Princesses Kidnapping" and stuff like that

Anyhow, he finds the solution in the town nearby by kidnapping a girl and making her read the stories for himself.
Then, they become friends.. Then.. Well, I probably shouldn't tell the rest of the story.

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I agree with the comment about the girl, but the dragon is worth printing. And the story does seem interesting, wonder if my library has the publication ...