World Jamboree

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Bob Russel, Western Region World Jamboree Chair, visited the council office
today and relayed excitement about the upcoming World Jamboree in England.
Mr. Russell indicated that the Western Region will form about 20 troops
(some 700 Scouts) for the World Jamboree in summer 2007, and that Cascade
Pacific Council may be able to send as many as
36 Scouts.

World Jamboree will be a gathering of Scouts and Scouters from every corner
of the world. They will converge on Hylands Park, England, July 27 through
August 8, 2007, to share adventure, international friendship, personal
growth, and development. Each contingent will spend two days touring points
of interest around England. The Boy Scouts of America has reserved a fleet
of 80 modern tour buses for transportation to and from London airports to
the jamboree site and
touring. All buses will have a tour guide assigned to each troop or crew.
This will be the experience of a lifetime for any Scout! More information
and applications are available at

The council has processed 13 Scout applications to date, about 1/3 of those
that will be able to attend. These were all submitted in the past two
months. Needless to say, Scouts that want to travel abroad to the biggest,
most memorable Scouting event ever, will need to get applications is as
quickly as possible, as spaces will likely fill up by the holiday season!

Each troop will be led by four adults. Adults may also serve in other areas
of responsibility at the Jamboree. Every adult who has interest in serving
is urged to apply soon, as the selection process is expected to begin by the
end of the year.


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