Vacation Trip to Oz!

What I wouldn't give to go on this trip of a lifetime!!! My friend is going and I hope he has the time of his life.
Annette Sargent
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Subject: Vacation Trip to Oz!


I'm headed out for the trip of a lifetime come this Thursday: a two week vacation in Australia. Down Under. Oz. The land of koalas and kangaroos. Always wanted to go, never been. Since I have a penchant for taking a huge number of photos, I'd thought I'd try a new experiment and share them with everyone while I'm on vacation, instead of hastily posting them in a random dropbox somewhere. I've set up a blog and a picture gallery for everyone to view:

The trick will be the regular updating of the site. I'm not going to be sitting around the pubs of Sydney or Brisbane, soaking up the Aussie hospitality. Instead, I'm taking a walkabout tour in northeastern Queensland, far from civilization and very close to the most dangerous animals on the planet. (Yes, I know. Very stupid.) I fear that being that far out, I may not have access to my precious web of information. But chances are, I'll find a Starbucks... and where there's a Starbucks, there's probably a wireless uplink. So I should be good to go, updating my web site on a regular basis for your viewing and reading pleasures. Unless there are no Starbucks in Australia, which would just be wrong.

A side note: Apparently the largest land carnivore in Australia is the dingo, a type of primitive canine. Australia doesn't have the likes of wolves, lions, tigers and bears. Instead, they make up for it by having the most poisonous animals on the planet: Taipan (snake), Funnel web (spider) and Platypus (just plain weird). And that's just a small sampling of beasties who bite.

So, wish me well, and pray I don't get bit! :)

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