The first day of school

Well, Josh is off for the his first day of school. He screwed up a few weeks ago, hasn't finished a punishment I gave him, so we have yet to go school shopping. I told him that we would go after he finished, thinking that would spur him on .... Honestly, that boy finds more ways to distract himself. But, he did do his laundry. He chose to wear some of his rattiest clothes that still fit the dress code. At least he's comfortable, and fits the dress code.

After 2.5 days of cleaning the living area is starting to look livable (time to really, honestly, truly get my little black ass in gear with FlyLady), my kitchen is clean, and I am so happy to have a day off!!!!

Now, I am debating if I should also make this Joy's "first day of school". She already knows most of her letters, and informally I am teaching her their sounds. She knows quite a few numbers, and loves reading to her babies. She picked up more form the little bit of preschool that I did last year with the daycare than I thought. She never seemed to focus....

But, she also loves having her own workbook. I gave her one of Josh's old ones and she loves to practice her writing. She's been able to hold a pencil the correct way since 9 months old. I kid you not. She was watching Josh draw one day, picked up the pencil and perfectly mimicked him.

She now LOVES Sesame Street (as well as George Shrinks, and Mister Rogers has an amazingly calming effect on her) .. but I digress. I ordered a free trial of some curriculum called Brighter Vision, it's a workbook curriculum, so we'll try it and see. There's only one craft project, but I also subscribe to Mommy and Me to get new ideas. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with her and working on her education. We have Muzzy and Sign language to work on to, both things that she is interested in (almost every day she asks me for a new sign). I gotta get a decent schedule down, that's the most important thing.

Ah well, she's eating breakfast and asking for Elmo, so I am going to get myself ready for the day. I can't believe that an hour and half has passed since I got up!!!!


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