Starbuck's addict

I think I have inadvertanly created a Starbuck's addict. There is a park about two blocks from the nearest Starbuck's. We call it "the park behind Starbuck's and New Season's". I asked my daughter if we should take a walk to Starbuck's. She got ready in less than 2 minutes, I swear. She grabbed her shoes, put them on and said "Mommy, I'm ready to go, see! My shoes are on". Then she said "Wait a minute" and in about another minute had her stroller, baby doll, and one teddy bear ready to go too. I said she needed a sweatshirt and she ran up the stairs to her room to get one. I have never seen her act so quickly nor so obediently.

Once we got outside she started walking to Starbuck's. She's got the route memorized. Barely waiting for me. Usually we get something to drink on our way home. Not this time. She wanted her "hot chocolate, WITH whip cream" before we got to the park. At least she's not into mochas yet. And DON'T forget the whip cream! Then it was ok to go the rest of the way to the park.