Star Wars addict to boot

So, I don't do well in total silence unless I am reading or trying to sleep. And even when reading I like some background noise. So, after about 30 minutes of blissful silence and watching my daughter play, I asked if she would like to listen to some music. Joy says, "I would like ..... " while hunting through videos. I said, "Joy, I didn't say watch, I said listen" as she pulled out her Wiggles Dance Party Video (well, it is music). The girl is stubborn and I just wanted her occupied so I could shower. She then picked Spy Kids 3D, but some of our glasses seem to be missing. So she put that away and pulled out Star Wars, Episodes I & II. She's watching Ep. II first (Yoda has more scenes and I think she likes the older Anakin). We'll see if we get to Episode I before I have to run errands.