Companies Offer Workers Deals to Get Fit

What a deal!!! I wish my DH's employer would do this.

"Worthington Industries Inc. _ one of the rare businesses that has been paying the full cost of employee health insurance _ put limits on its generous policy last year. The company said its workers had to take responsibility for their health if they wanted to continue getting free health insurance.

'I had a choice to be lazy or lean,' said Brown, 44, an information technology employee who lost 90 pounds and has reached his goal of 210 pounds. Despite being overweight, Brown didn't have any health problems, but he noted: 'If I hadn't changed, things probably would catch up with me.'

Worthington, a steel processing company that employs 8,000, is among a growing number of businesses turning to worker incentives, both big and small, to help slow health insurance costs.

In Minneapolis, Fairview Health Services gives gift certificates of up to $100 at the company store for workers who take part in health programs. UnitedHealthcare, headquartered in the Minneapolis area, will knock about $100 a year off health insurance premiums for filling out a 10-minute assessment that asks employees about their diet and blood pressure and then suggests ways they can improve their health."
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