Well, I either have the virus that's hitting the kids this summer, or some sort of yucky bacterial infection. I called my doctor's advice nurse this morning and I am so stuffed up that she could barely understand me. If I want to come in, I can call back for an appointment, there are two available for me today. My new doctor doesn't see patients after 4PM though, so that makes it kinda hard. I *can* pay the extra $10 and go to Urgent Care for after hours care. Since I don't have/haven't had a fever, and no sinus pain/pressure (I know exactly what sinusitis feels like!!!) there's probably no need for me to be seen for a bacterial infection. If I continue to feel worse, by all means, make an appointment.

If it is a virus, I have 3-7 more days of misery (since the virus lasts for 10-14). Oh joy. I don't want to pay just to be told that there's nothing for me. I have had chills, but no bona fide fever. Darn. I joked with Tim that it would be a kick in the butt if I have been walking around with Strep for the last week. I don't think he liked that joke. I haven't had a sore throat, at least nothing that can't be attributed to mucus drainage.

So, the nurse tells me home treatment: Sudafed for the nasal congestion and either Tylenol or Advil for the body aches. Stop taking Dayquil since you don't need the cough medicine. Lots of clear fluids and lots of steam to loosen up all that mucus. I wish I could just sit in my shower......


  1. You know what's really weird ... every time I blow my nose, my ears squaek as if a bunch of pressure is being released. Maybe I should look in a mirror and see if steam is coming out of the side of my head. Certainly feels like it.


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