Homeless woman returns lost purse, $800

I just saw this today, though the dateline is the 19th....
New York Times News Service
Aug. 19, 2005 04:30 PM

LAKELAND, Fla. - When Polk County Sheriff's Deputy Sandy Scherer lost a bag containing her personal organizer, $800 in cash and two paychecks on Monday, she didn't have a lot of hope.

After 16 years in law enforcement, she'd become a little cynical.

But just in case, she rushed back to the parking lot in front of the Polk Government Center in Lakeland. She had parked there earlier, and accidentally left her bag on the hood of her car.

She was surprised to find someone turned it in at the front desk of Polk Works. Not a cent was missing.

But when she managed to get in contact with 24-year-old Canesha Blackman, the woman who turned in the bag, and asked to meet her so she could thank her personally, she was even more surprised.

Blackman was staying at the Salvation Army shelter with her five children.

"It was really inspiring to me," Scherer said. "It restored my faith in humanity."

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