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"The Horrors!
Can Christians and horror movies co-exist in the same cineplex? Better yet, is the horror genre even redeemable? The author thinks so--but only if certain conditions are met.
by W. David O. Taylor | posted 04/05/2005

I believe in demons.
I believe in angels. I believe in witchdoctors, voices, and the Canaanite god Moloch. I believe in the Scientific Method. I believe in Satan. I believe in total depravity. I believe in common sense and the power of prayer. I believe this because I am a Christian. I believe this because as a child raised in the shadows of volcanoes tilting over Guatemala City, in a culture that syncretized Catholic saints with Mayan gods, I had no reason to believe otherwise.
I believe in supernatural horror as much as I believe in the reliability of my Merrell shoes.
But what I believe is not the same thing as what I like or do not like." ----

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