August Vocab list

Words that I have come across and couldn't call to mind their immediate definition:

sybaritic: ADJECTIVE: 1. Devoted to or marked by pleasure and luxury. 2. Sybaritic Of or relating to Sybaris or its people.

ephemeris: NOUN: A table giving the coordinates of a celestial body at a number of specific times during a given period.

hagiography: 1. Biography of saints. 2. A worshipful or idealizing biography.

syncretized: TRANSITIVE VERB: To reconcile and unite (differing religious beliefs, for example), especially with partial success or a heterogeneous result.
INTRANSITIVE VERB: To combine differing elements or beliefs, especially with partial success or a heterogeneous result.

ostler: Variant of hostler: NOUN: 1. One who is employed to tend horses, especially at an inn. 2. One who services a large vehicle or engine, such as a locomotive.

All definitions provided by The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

I had a few more from Simon Hawke's The Slaying of the Shrew but returned the book to the library before copying them. Oops :(