STOP! Disclaimer

Don't read any further if you don't want to read about my sex life.

There is nothing more energizing than multi-orgasmic morning sex. It leaves you with a huge grin to last the whole day, a forgiving attitude towards most people who get on your nerves, is generally quite relaxing, and gives you something to look forward to at night (repeat yeah!). Not to mention a bounce in your step and music in your head. Yeah, I am in a good mood and praying it lasts all day. And I can't *wait* to get more.

Oh yeah, the other cool thing, there was an awesome lightening and thunderstorm going on that totally matched my mood ... in a good way, in a great way!

I never really believed in the whole "you need a lay" thing, but I guess I did. I haven't been this way in ages. No wonder I tell my DH I need it often and well. I do! This is the way I prefer feeling all day. WOW!


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