Which Cartoon Character Are You?

Ever wondered which cartoon character you are most like? Well, a team of researchers got together and analyzed the personalities of cartoon characters, and put the information gathered into this quiz. Answer each question with the answer that most describes you. Check out which cartoon character you are at the end of this quiz.

You are Peppe le Pew (without the smell).

You are a lover. Romance, flowers, and wine are all you need to
enjoy yourself. You are serious about all commitments. A family
person. You call your Mom every Sunday, and never forget a Birthday.
Don't let your passion for romance get confused with the real thing. (must have been the ice cream question...)

Great, I took it again with different answers except one (and yes, I changed the ice cream on) and I STILL came out as the skunk. I wonder if I can say that I am my mom's favorite now. She LOVES Pepe le Pew.