Spring at the Farm

I took Joy to the zoo for a mommy/daughter bonding time. The Trillium Creek farm was having a special program that day. We got to see a sheep shearing, get her face painted, and of course, see the elephants. Ever since I took her to the circus she has LOVED elephants. The first photo is of Joy watching a spinner who knows a friend of mine who also spins and dyes some awesome yarn.

petting a mini-lop

petting a very large chicken

riding a John Deere tractor

we watched the sheep shearing twice

my serious little elephant

I asked her to smile. It almost looks as if she has real tusks ...

riding on an elephant sculpture. I think that she would have MUCH preferred to ride a real one.

They brought out 4 elephants at once. I missed them waving to us. Joy had a blast watching them.

We got to watch them being hand-fed and then brushed. This was the baby elephant. Joy tried to hop the fence to get to them. She really loves elephants.
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