Joy's 3rd birthday

Joy's 3rd Birthday -- I wanted a seperate webpage, but Picasa is being fussy

Josh and his friend had a lot of fun blowing up balloons

Balloon Lightsabers

After the party, we went to the Wiggles concert. Perfect timing this year to coincide with her birthday

Lights ...

Camera ...

Popcorn ...



Murray Wiggle (Cook) .... plays a pretty good "Stairway to Heaven"

Do the Monkey ....

and elephant, and tiger .... the Wiggles music is designed to get you moving

I forget what song this one went to

Joy's newest brother -- she tried to call Wags to come home with us

more Wags

Joy finally got up and started dancing around the 3rd song.

There's Murray

balyoons -- according to Anthony

The dinosaurs from the Cave man song fit right in with Joy's current fascination -- dinosaurs

She loved dancing to Eagle Rock

more dinos

Eagle ROck

Daddy is pretty cool

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