Jaggery the Rascal: Beginners guide to Cybersex

There's a local guy on AIM who keeps trying to hook up with me, DESPITE the fact that I am a happily married woman. Now, I used to be called a Temptress and rightly so, and I still like to flirt (hey guys! there's a difference between flirt and tease!) but I never heard of this site till my DH pointed me to it and suggested that I let this fellow know about it. Here's a preview
Enough already! How do I DO cybersex?

Sounds like an easy question, but in fact, to do it properly requires considerable thought, preparation, empathy and visualisation. It also requires an ability to be able to 'read' your partner, to anticipate what he or she is thinking, and is about to do next. This is difficult if you've only just met someone, and much easier if you've played together before. You'll note that I said 'do it properly', as if to imply there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. I happen to think that there is; a good cyber sex scene will flow easily, both partners will do things in a natural order, and the descriptions of each activity will be a joy to read, and in many cases will be quite erotic. Bad cyber sex is like bad real sex; both partners end up dissatisfied with the experience, or angry or fed up with each other. In order to ensure that doesn't happen, ya gotta do it right!

For me, cybersex is a little bit like acting; you have to set the stage, get clear in your mind what you're doing and what your partner is doing and saying your lines in turn. Consequently, there are a few steps that I suggest you might want to follow.