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The test results from the cardiac stress test came back late last week. My heart appears fine. My doctor wants to follow-up in two weeks or if symptoms get worse. I'm beginning to believe that I am just very much out of shape and this is the way it has shown itself. So this is a praise report -- no heart problems! Yay!

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The last few weeks I have been short of breath and fatigued easily. I finally went to the doctor. I don't have asthma, or pneumonia, or any other lung ailment. Not even bronchitis. My doc sent me to the ER for more testing. That was pleasant (heavy sarcasm). My lungs are fine. Now they are focusing on my heart. I have another appointment this afternoon and a cardiac stress test next Wednesday.
Please pray that the doctors figure out what is wrong with me soon. I was really expecting to be told that I had asthma or some sort of respiratory allergy to mold or something. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Pray for my daycare kids and their families too. This is kind of a disruption to everyone's schedule :) I am blessed with understanding parents right now though.

Annette Sargent
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