OH NO! and YAY! another I did it

Yesterday we were flushing monsters down the toilet (short story -- Joy is having nightmares, so yesterday afternoon we went to her room. She vanquished the monster that was eating her bed all by herself and then I was going to take him to the bathroom to flush him -- she wanted to do it. Apparently there were a few more monsters, so this process was repeated). The "OH NO!" came when I (against Tim's advice) let her flush the monsters herself. I had a pair of her underwear soaking in the toilet (bad accident) and had shown her how to hold them out of the way .... she let go though. I heard "Oh NO! My purple underwear" ....... and no underwear anywhere in the bathroom :(

Tim was very good about not saying outright "I told you so"

This morning's coup de acompli -- she can start a DVD on her own. Not just put in in the player, she's been able to do that. This morning she was watching the previews on one of her Wiggles daftest, got tired of them, *realized that she had the wrong remote*, got the correct DVD remote and pressed the correct button to start it. Now, all this didn't even rate an "I did it!" from her, but I was certainly surprised!