Joy's New Preferred Babysitter

Tonight Tim was having a converation with Joy and Jesus (Christ) came up. First she wanted him to come and scare away all the monsters. Then she wanted him to stay and rock her to sleep. So Tim asked, "Well, what will Mommy and Daddy do if Jesus rocks you to sleep?" Joy answered, "You go on date!".

Works for me .... though I did ask if Sara (her former fave sitter) could help Jesus.

She is at this moment demanding Jesus. I'm trying to explain that he's in her heart, and in heaven, but he can't be here physically until he comes back for everyone. That one is hard for most adults to grasp too.

She's really focused on this one, at least 10 minutes non-stop including pouting asking for Him. She even had me pray for Him to come.

It's all kinda my fault. The other night I told her that Jesus might send some angels to protect her through the night from the monsters. The next morning she said that she saw Jesus before he left. At least she slept through the night that time .....

I don't want to destroy her faith, but how do I get around (through) this one?