Is fast becoming Joy's theme phrase. This morning's cause for celebration, the pouring of milk from the gallon into a cup all by herself.

She likes to have chocolate milk, just about any time of the day. This morning, instead of asking me to get her some, Little Miss Independent goes into the kitchen, uses the stepstool to get a sippy cup, opens the fridge, gets the milk out, takes the cap off the milk and THEN looks at me. I ask if she needs help. She doesn't answer. She next complains that the milk isn't coming out. I again offer to help and then tell her to try again. She does, the milk comes out and she pours just the right amount. The she says, "I did it!" (and no, we don't watch Dora)

Next she adds a dollop of chocolate syrup. I put the top on and shake it to mix and hand it to her. Joy says, "It's COLD", on the borderline whine voice. But she also knows how to fix this. She opens the microwave door, puts her milk in and we set it for 30 seconds. She counts to 5 before pressing the start button. Apparently it's not hot enough for her, so she repeats the process without my help a few more times, stopping the microwave about every 10 seconds to check her milk. Soon enough it's warm enough for her and she leaves the kitchen.


  1. Sounds like my son. He insists on doing everything himself. Is your daughter 2-4?


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