Most Embarrasing Moment

Last night was the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Dinner. It was going great, until I was trying to capture Josh's "crossing over" from Cub to Boy Scout. Joy had gotten herself more food and I told her that she had to sit down to eat it. I meant at a table. She figured anywhere would be fine so long as she was sitting down.

So she sat on my feet. Then moved over to Tim's feet. That wasn't comfortable enough so she moved back to my feet. And proceeded to have a very wet accident. Tim and I watched this puddle grow between my feet. It took all of 5 seconds to figure out what it was, but by then it was too late. We then had to quietly and quickly grab as many napkins as possible to sop up the mess. Tim crabwalked and got the wipes while I kept piling napkins on the puddle to soak it up. One of the den leaders and another mother were right next to me. We were trying not to laugh, and I was trying not to turn red. Joy was trying to do the "accident waddle" and keep her pants from touching her too much. Apparently wet corduroy isn't comfortable. All in all, it was quite embarrassing, more for me and Tim I think, than for Joy. I'm very glad that I was wearing the shoes that I was, otherwise *my* feet would have been soaked too.

When Tim returned with her, she was wearing a pull-up and only wanted her blanket to cover her legs. Luckily she was wearing an oversized shirt. Later she was content to run around like she had before. *sigh* This daughter of mine .....


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