Joy put herself down for a nap for the first time EVER!!!!

Well, I told the girls that they had to nap. I thought for *sure* I was going to have to take Joy to her room and rock her (eventually) like I do almost every other time I tell them it's nap time. Today, she asked for 5 more minutes of Lego play (getting good at that -- the asking for 5 more minutes), then she wanted 5 minutes of feeding the baby. I said "No way" to that request. So she went to the back (play) room and got a sleeping mat and the "shoe pillow" (it's the Boppy). She arranged herself at least three times, then complained that the mat was cold. I got a cover for it, got her settled and ... her blanket wouldn't cover her feet. So I went to her room and got the quilt that a friend had made. Joy covered herself from head to toe and .... I haven't heard a peep out of her in at least an hour and a half!!!! She has NEVER put herself to sleep before!


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